Michael Tomlinson
An Evening of Stories,
Songs & Conversation
--- Sold Out ---
Saturday, Oct 22, 2016, 7:30pm to 9:30pm
The Lodge at Camp Long in West Seattle

Iím excited to invite you to join me for an inspiring, friendly evening around the fireplace in the lovely Lodge at Camp Long, where I have hosted my Gathering of Friends retreats. Itís a friendly space, easy to find and a surprise to discover that we have such a park and venue in Seattle. I have a new and evolving vision for my performances and Iím starting to move toward more free flowing and meaningful events. My hope is always to entertain and delight you, but also to send you home with more hope and a feeling of being present and connected. My stories will merge with my songs and if the next few weeks are productive, Iíll be using visual-media to help me create a mood that complements the themes of my songs.

The Camp Long Lodge is a small venue, holding only 70 people. Itís a perfect size for what I envision. The warm acoustics are rich and deep and and there is a feeling there of being close enough that you are a part of the performance. Itís also my first public concert since my new album was released this last summer and Iím really looking forward to sharing my songs and spending the evening together.

TICKETS Sold Out available advance-only ~ $35
Onsite parking is free
     Please, no refunds. But if you find that you cannot make the concert,
     I will happily honor your replacements even at the very last minute.
      ~Michael Tomlinson
LOCATION: Camp Long in West Seattle ~ extremely easy to find and get to. Iíll send you great directions. No one will get lost. There is parking for about 40 cars. But the camp sits just next to a neighborhood and there is free street parking as well. Please carpool if you can. If you would like to do that, Iíll forward a list of those willing to carpool and where youíre coming from.
Camp Long is at 5200 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126  




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