A Gathering for Writers and Those Who Wish to Write
Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 11am to 5pm
Greater Seattle Area
Cost ~ $110 per person
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I am really looking forward to this day of talking about writing, exploring ideas, sharing experiences and setting forth a vision for ways to more fully express ourselves in writing. This is for any and all levels. A writer is not limited to one who is published. If you write anything, you are a writer. And I am not trying to instruct anyone on how to write. My purpose is to inspire you to write, to listen to where you are and what you wish to do with your writing and to share my experiences too. And of course, I’ll sing a few songs to spark our conversation.

I write every day of my life. Stories, letters, posts, essays. Writing enhances my growing, assists in my evolution as a conscious human and spiritual being — and brings me joy. To watch my own sparks of creativity come alive on the page or computer screen is still thrilling to me, the wonder of what is coming next and how such words and phrases come flowing through me is a mystery I love exploring. Writing is another beautiful aspect of Loving Life, of reveling in the joy of creativity and expression.

I hosted this Writer’s event last year here and have continued to hear from people who attended that it was an inspiration for them to write again. One fellow told me a month after the event that he just couldn’t stop writing since that day.

Whether you simply wish to write notes to friends, posts on social networks, stories for your own joy or even a book, I know I can help you to find ways to be more focused and to feel inspired and trusting in your own voice. No matter what you think of your “level” or “experience,” just know that if you come, there will be something there for you. And we will be glad you came.

For our Writer’s Gathering, I’ve been offered the use of a lovely facility in a quiet, almost-rural setting, about a 25 minute drive from my home in Seattle. There’s a kitchen and nearby bathrooms. It’s very private and comfortable and near woods and trails. I’ll make easy to find. We’ll bring a lunch and spend the day together. I hope you come to join us on May 12.
          Your friend,
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