Michael Tomlinson Presents
For the Love of Writing
A Writer's Gathering ~ for all levels of imagination
Saturday, March 16, 2019 ~ 11am -to- 5pm
Greater Seattle Area
There are few things in my life I love to do as much as writing. Even as a child I loved it. I'd make up silly stories and share them with my family, loving the scenes and circumstances I could create with words. It was not some great vocabulary or knowledge of proper writing I had, but purely a love for invention and expression of imagination.
Those of you who see my Facebook posts know that I probably post more original content than almost anyone you know. Stories, humor, insights, memoir, whatever comes up in me to write, I just go with it. And the joy of watching it unfold thrills me. Most of the time I begin with only the slightest hint of an idea or direction. But I have come to trust what comes through. And that my friends, is when your real joy in writing happens. When you ALLOW yourself to write and worry about editing later. There is something about the flow of writing this freely that is exhilarating and even healing. 
I have come to experience writing as a form of meditation. When you are immersed in it, that is when it shows you things you didn't know you knew. It reveals your true nature and what a fascinating thing that can be to discover. In fact, that may just be what this Gathering is most about; Allowing yourself to write, freely, without self-judgment. 
At many of these Writer's Gatherings, I hear from people in the weeks following who report that some door has opened for them and they are writing more often and loving the process. One man told he he hadn't been able to stop writing since the day of our gathering. I did not take that to be a result of my mastery in inspiring him. Yes, I may have been a part of it, but mostly, it was the sparks that go off in a group of people talking and loving writing. There were technical writers there, one woman who'd written a couple of novels, another who'd written children’s books. Some who journal and write letters and online. But mostly, it was just people who love writing and the expression of creativity it draws forth.
You will never be put on the spot at my gatherings. People talk who wish to talk, people listen who wish to listen. But everybody laughs, I promise you. And I will play a few songs, so you might shed a tear or two. 
At every type of Gathering I do there is a goodwill and kindness and an undercurrent of spiritual connection that enters our conversations. No matter why you are there, there is something that will speak to you. I have never seen it not be so. 
I hope you'll feel moved to come and join us in this small gathering of people who love to write or want to be inspired in their writing. I'm really looking forward to it. 
In Friendship,

Tickets are $100/person (in advance only) Purchase Online
Location is a private setting with safe, free parking, about 25 min North from downtown Seattle
      Please, no refunds.
        If you can't make it, Feel free to give to others and send me their name and email address.

       ~ ~ OR ~ ~
        Order by Mail 
~ email me the day you are sending me a check and I'll secure your seats. 
         Send checks for $100 each to:  Michael Tomlinson / PO Box 15808 / Seattle, WA 98115

All Tickets will be emailed to you a few days before the event.
Please, no refunds. Feel free to give to others. Just send me their name and email address.




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