Jay Kenney - Audiologic

I have never been happier with the production of one of my records than I have been with The Way Out West. My friend, Terry O'Brien, instrumentalist extraordinaire, highly recommended Jay to me when I was shopping around for studios. I met with Jay and knew instantly he was the man for the job. Jay has owned Audio Logic Inc. for fifteen years and his expertise in the studio is beyond any engineer I've ever worked with. His price is affordable for independent artists and the fact that he is a wonderful keyboard player, ready to tickle the ivories on a second's notice on any project he's engineering is a huge plus. The best thing about working with Jay in his Seattle studio is this: He loves music and he loves people. Many of the choices I made in recording my new album were a direct result of his input and insights.
You can take a video tour of his Lake City studio at www.audiologicinc.com

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