Dr. Cat Saunders, PH.D. - Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook

Sometimes you make a friend you have hardly ever seen face to face. In my years of recording there have been thousands of letters and emails, so you can imagine that there are many out there in the world that I have a fondness for and think of in the spirit of friendship, even if we don't really see each other. Cat is one of those. For years I've read her insightful, brave, sometimes hilarious column in New Times. We wrote back and forth now and then. I sent her CDs, she sent me an advance copy of her book. I was surprised and honored that she chose my response to it as something she wanted to post on the back cover, especially seeing the company I was keeping there; Dr. Christiane Northrup endorses Cat's book as a "treasure." If I hadn't already known Cat, I so honor and appreciate Dr. Northrup that I'd have wanted to read it after seeing her endorsement.

One of the early chapters in Cat's book begins like this: "My basic message is simple; Be compassionate with yourself and take good care of yourself. If you do this, it will be the best gift you can give to yourself and the planet."

t's as true and clear an example of my own beliefs as I've ever read. I hope you'll visit Cat's website and find out where you can pick up a copy for yourself. I highly recommend Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook.



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