Jeff LaBow - The Green Brush

I would have to say that my friend, Jeff LaBow, is the person who comes closest to living a life honoring the earth of anyone I know. That is not just in general day to day living, but in holding an honor for the planet and her creatures. Several years back Jeff decided that he could bring that kind of stewardship into his livelihood, creating a painting company that used the healthiest possible materials in his work, paints and stains that contained less toxins, and methods of applying them that were responsible and protective of the air, water and land around us. He named his company The Green Brush and began introducing the Greater Seattle Area to more healthful ways to decorate and protect their buildings, homes and properties. In the years since he began I've been amazed at how busy Jeff stays, word of mouth recommendations for his integrity, friendliness, goodwill and excellent work have kept The Green Brush growing and prospering at a time when many in that industry are having trouble staying afloat.

Check out his website and see what he does and how he does it. Don't tell him I sent you or he might charge extra. Just joking.

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