Jim Clark - Between Ocean and Bay, A Celebration of the Eastern Shore, Essays and photographs by Jim Clark.

Jim has been sharing his remarkable photography with me for many years. I believe we connected at one of my concerts when I was playing The Barns at Wolftrap in the D.C. Area way back in the 90s. He sent me one of his early photography books and I was hooked. When my sweetheart, Patricia O'Driscoll, a photographer herself, was recently looking for video footage of bald eagles soaring for one of my music videos, Jim went to the effort to connect us with a source at U.S. Fish and Wildlife. He's as generous of spirit as he is talented behind the lens. His most recent work, which I've listed above, is one of the most inspiring books of nature photography and essays I've seen in a very long time. I highly recommend his books and photography. You can explore both on his website.



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