Rick Grant - Whale Tails Chips

If you've read my newsletters over the last 20 years, you've chuckled at many adventures I've had with my friend, Rick Grant. He was the owner of a wildly inventive little ice cream company called, Wholly Cow, when we first met. He has played a part in every album I've ever released, usually being one of the very few people I trust as a sounding board for my music and ideas, but also providing handclaps and percussion, even some rowdy remarks on the song, Big Moon, on my new CD, The Way Out West.

I could praise Rick for about a thousand reasons, he's the best idea person I've ever known, the funniest human being, the biggest heart with the most powerful throwing arm. But you probably have a big ol' powerful throwing arm of your own, so I'll just tell you about his company, Whale Tails, makers of organic corn chips.

Rick and his childhood friend, Ric Krazewski, have been surfing brothers since they were kids growing up in San Diego. They developed a deep love of the ocean and all her marine life - especially whales.

Several years back, Rick had an idea for making corn chips in the shape of whale tails. He and Ric cut up some corn tortillas in that shape, fried them up and realized that they were onto something. It took years to bring their idea into existence as a commercial product, but they stuck with it and perfected a recipe using organic corn and Hawaiian sea salt and finally produced their first batch of Whale Tails Corn Chips.

In recent years their chips have grown in popularity, spreading from California around the US, and because of their strong and dedicated alignment with and dedication to Marine Life and Ocean Conservation, a growing number of conscientious, like-minded organizations have taken to spreading the word about Whale Tails. They were committed from the beginning to giving a portion of their profits to keeping the oceans clean and marine life vital and they are holding true to their word. You can read on their colorful, friendly website about numerous events and efforts to accomplish this. Please check them out when you can, I think you'll enjoy the visit.

You can find out how and where to buy Whale Tails Chips and experience for yourself their delicious flavor and at the same time start to be a part of the solution to turning around the health of our oceans and marine life at www.whaletailschips.com 

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