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I spent January and February looking for a new place to live and moving into it. Whew! Let me tell you podnas, I accumulated too much stuff in the 13 years Iíd rented that house with the thousand square foot basement. Too much storage! Also, I think there was a lot more going on that the actual moving, I believe there was a process flowing in me, some evolution in emotional/spiritual realms. I embraced it to the best of my ability, though I was sometimes sad. And until I found my new place, I was even a little scared sometimes. Seattle is not an easy place to rent a house, but I was fortunate to have been shown a wonderful little house right here in the same neighborhood I first moved into in 1984. All the albums Iíve recorded and most of the songs have come from right here in this part of Seattle. I feel blessed to get to remain here a while longer.

The end of 2017 was a wonderful one for me. (before I found out on Jan 5 I had to move) I recorded one of my all time favorite albums and did the entire thing in my house. Going against my long time vow, I recorded an album of songs celebrating Christmas and Wintertime and I absolutely love it. Itís called Songs of the Season and I finished it on Dec 8, which was cutting it mighty close. But yíall didnít let me down, I was extremely busy for three weeks filing orders, mailing out more CDs and sending out more album downloads than I even dreamed Iíd sell. Itís just a simple solo acoustic album, my interpretations of some classic carols and six songs of my own, several which I wrote specifically for that album. But it is rich in peaceful feelings and love. I am so happy with it ó and the support was so great and response so enthusiastic ó that Iím recording Volume 2 before next Christmas. Iíll sell it as a double album or you can buy the discs individually.

Iím also starting to work on something that I feel strongly drawn to do. Iím recording a couple of guided meditation CDs. They will be mostly a variety of short, ten minute meditations. If you already meditate regularly, you probably donít need my help. But if you are not or have tried and thought you couldnít, you are who Iím creating these meditations for. There is nothing I have ever done in my life that has consistently brought more peace, calmness, understanding and love into my life than the regular meditating Iíve done these last three and a half years. And I really feel a strong desire to share it with you.

I believe that I can help you to see that meditation is not a trick, itís not some rare talent that you do or donít have. Itís not just one technique that you must get right. Meditation is a pause in your active life, a chance to rest your mind and slow your racing thoughts and allow a deeper knowing and peace to flow into you. It will in fact, allow your creativity to rise and blossom. No matter your age, you have unlimited creativity to enjoy and explore. Why not do that the rest of your life? That is what I hope to help you discover. As these projects come into existence, Iíll let you know more. Iíll share advance notice and share some snippets of what Iíve done.

I will also perform a few concerts here and there. I have one scheduled in Astoria, OR for May 31 and one in Mountain View, CA for Aug 18. Notice isnít up yet, but Iíll have that posted soon. Also, Iím doing a Gathering of Writers day in Seattle for May 12 which will be on sale soon.

Also, one of the reasons Iíve been able to survive in music is that people hire me to come to their city, to their home, and perform a private concert. I love these and some of my most moving experiences have been singing for a group of friends and family in their home or out in their backyard ó and then hanging around to visit with them afterwards. You can read about my private performance here on my website.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you are well and that youíre taking deep breaths now and then. Donít forget to be kind to yourself. That one thing can change this world in ways that would amaze us all.

Your friend in chilly Seattle,
 ~Michael Tomlinson