Winter 2018-2019

continued from home page  The whole thing that got me started with this concept of recording songs that celebrate Christmas, Wintertime and the Holiday Season, was that I wanted to offer up something soothing and loving and kind in the world, during a couple of years where there has been so much stress and difficulties not only in our country, but around the world. I truly believe that a song can change your life by changing your day. By causing you to let go and cry or take a deep sigh, or feel blessed and loved. So that is what these songs are about. They are about love and life, including all religions and no religion.

You know that nature folds into all my songs, the seasons and natural elements and flow of wind and rain and snow have always been a part of my music. I truly believe that it part of the reason so many people can listen to my songs over and over for years. When you have Nature coursing through your work and life, there is a peace and a flow of creativity that comes to you. I wish that for you too and sometimes I feel that my songs spark that ó Iíve been told many times that people use my for sparking their creativity, for releasing stress, for meditation and for healing.

Like last yearís Songs of the Season ó which I personally listened to for months after Christmas ó Winter Tales is a combination of classic Christmas and Holiday songs and new ones Iíve written for the record. It was a joy to write brand new songs for this. I honestly didnít know if I could do it in time. But I felt inspired every time I picked up a guitar and tried to write. Sometimes Iíd have a song an hour later and was trying to learn how to play it and sing it well so I could record it a few hours later.

I feel like Iíve been on a journey with this album. Like my own soulful experiences fold into it and rise out of it. And so much of what came about was affected by other people, conversations Iíd had and stories Iíd heard. It seems like my whole life is this way now; what goes on in my own growth and awareness is so often affected by what I witness happening in others. If you ever look at it this way, I have a feeling youíll feel humbled by what you see. And for me, that is one of the keys to gratitude.

I hope youíll buy my new Winter Tales, and if you donít have it, Songs of the Season too. So many people last year told me that it became their all time favorite Christmas album. They loved the way I rewrote parts of classic songs and reinterpreted them in ways that brought out the beauty and charm of the originals, yet gave you a reason to perk up when you would hear a little twist in melody or new lyric or two. I did none of that to make my mark. I did it to express what I felt when I listened to them. Some of those older Christmas carols were very dark, like Puritans wrote them. And good luck ever finding mention of women if it is not Mary they are singing of. I fixed that. And I got rid of some of that unkind imagery because what I wanted was an album of peace.

The recording master goes to a local manufacturer early Monday morning (Dec 10, 2018) and there is a strong chance Iíll have Winter Tales by Tuesday afternoon (Dec 11, 2018). My plan is to go ahead and address envelopes and such for anyone who orders before they are in. Then Iíll be able to more quickly get them mailed to you. That will be my primary goal throughout Christmas ó to stay up with the orders daily. As for digital downloads, Iím selling those directly too. You purchase them and I will email you the download myself. Usually itís within a few hours ó if Iím by the computer, it can even happen in a few minutes. But at the longest, it is within 24 hours. I really, really appreciate those of you who purchase my music and allow for the personal way I do things. I have found that if I am to survive in a world where music is now mostly free, I have to be creative about how I do it. And mostly, I have to offer something you cannot get anywhere else on earth.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and joyful Holiday Season, my friends. Keep taking deep breaths and be very kind to yourself.

Your friend in chilly Seattle,

PS, I put the guided meditation collection on hold until after the Holidays. Iíll get out word in January about the completion and release of those.

ALSO - While Iíve only talked about my two Christmas albums here, I have more than a dozen truly beautiful, meaningful and uplifting albums you can purchase here directly from me, where I make so much more than through iTunes, Amazon, etc. If you have never bought House of Sky or The Way Out West or Watching the Storm Roll In, you really should correct that right away!