A Gathering of Dreams
Sunday, December 8, 1-5pm,

Sometimes there are events in our lives that lead us to look inward and ask questions of ourselves and life. I see these as opportunities to discover what we are truly drawn towards and to gather momentum and courage to move toward those goals or accomplishments. For me, it helps to talk to others about it, to share the ideas, the fears, the insights that move through me.

Since September 2001, I've been drawn into conversations with many people who yearn to do something different with their lives but who are either unsure of how to proceed or lack the support to get started. If you've found yourself asking questions about your direction and purpose in life, if you long to begin something new or to end something old, come and visit other folks who feel the same awakening.

This small gathering will be a free-form catalyst for hope and change, a friendly discussion meant to inspire us all to move forward with more faith and heart. I'll sing songs and we'll talk about our lives. If you've lost your dream or don't yet know what it is, come and connect with others who want something more in life.

COST: $30 per person
NOTE:  Saturday, December 7th Concert-goers may come for a reduced price of $20
You must order $20 tickets in advance and pick them up at the CD table at the concert.
Someone will phone, mail or email your confirmation, directions, and details in plenty of
time for the event.

   Denver - Location will be announced with ticket confirmation.

REGISTRATION: Online, Phone, Email, US Mail - I'll call or email confirmation.

ONLINE Click Here for Online Form
PHONE (303) 791-0189  
Leave: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Visa/MC #, Expiration Date.
EMAIL Kddesignzinc@aol.com
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Michael Tomlinson
PO Box 15248/ Seattle, WA  98115-0248
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