Michael Tomlinson Presents
 A Two Day Songwriting Workshop
     Saturday and Sunday, September 23 and 24
Seattle, Washington

Saturday / Sunday, September 23/24
I have quite a number of songwriters contact me each year, some send me their CDs or tapes, others just want to get in touch or ask me about my methods of writing and crafting songs. Over the years I've hosted songwriting seminars in a number of cities and now I've decided to host a full weekend event specifically for songwriters this September 23 and 24 in Seattle. Everyone is invited; beginning songwriter, aspiring, intermediate or professional. My intent is to help you to free up your creative process and hone your crafting skills so that, at whatever level you are at now, you will leave here writing better songs and feeling more satisfied with your creative process.
At this songwriter's workshop I'll share my own creative processes and play several of my songs, including some currently in progress. I'll even start from scratch and share how I get started with nearly every song I write. We'll also explore your creative process and share ideas with each other throughout.
We'll focus on:
 The creative flow of melody   allowing unique and fluid melodies to flow through you, making your music more alive and interesting, something that people will want to hear again and again.
 Chord progressions and rhythms and tunings  I'm unschooled in music theory - as are most songwriters I know - but that has never stopped me from finding and creating unusual chords and movements that spark melodies and emotions in my music.
 Colorful, creative lyrics  the process of allowing thoughts and stories and personal expression to flow unselfconsciously onto the page and into the verses and choruses of your songs is critical to good song writing. Very few artists are consistently great lyric writers. It's hard work to get something you feel or imagine or believe in to work in song form, to rhyme and fit meter and tempo, but we're going to explore methods that will free you up and allow you to write literate songs, clever pop songs and meaningful ballads.
 Song form and how to actually finish a song   ways to whittle down the fat or insert a solid element into your song that gives it strength and shape and power. I'm going to help you gain the momentum to finish some of the songs you've probably started but lost the energy or focus to complete.
 Ways to use other artist's music for inspiration  without copying. Every artist starts out this way, and many stay fresh and interesting by listening and borrowing ideas from others. As you grow into your own expression, you will find that your influences automatically transmute to your own style and voice and unique expression.
This event will take place over two days; one full day on Saturday, one shorter day on Sunday. There will be a lunch break on Saturday and time built into both days for group and individual discussion, song sharing and friendly visiting. You may bring instruments or come without. In fact, you don't need to play a thing. Some great songs have been written by folks who don't play any instrument.

My goal is for this to be an uplifting, inspiring way to improve and expand your abilities and satisfaction as a songwriter. I have no idea how many folks to expect. You may be one of five folks or twenty. Either way, I have a feeling we will spend a fun, creative weekend. I look forward to meeting you and sharing songs. ~ MT
 Dates: Saturday, Sep. 23, 2006 (10am - 6pm)
Sunday, Sep. 24 (10am - 3pm)
 Location: Seattle, WA (event address to be announced)

$250 per person for full weekend (no refunds, please)

   available Online with Visa/MC

   by Mail using check or credit card


If ordering by mail, please email first to assure your place in the workshop.
If you have questions, feel free to email me


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