Over the Moon

Over the Moon  © Michael Tomlinson

I was the Copper Sun falling in the far horizon
Out of the sky, I said Me-oh My!
To the Nickel Moon with her gentle face
Spreading all her love like lace over the world

I was half-already drowning in the flaming ocean
Plummeting down and my heart full of motion
Try to reel it in, somehow get back up
Shine a little warmth
Oh, on the one whose reflection is of my love
Nobody aches like the sun when the moon goes away           

I waited for eons in the cold
Heavenly bodies? Yes, a few
But because of you
I swear I’ll never get over the moon

You left your imprint on my pillow
So I could lay my head down in it
Following love is a dream never ending
I’m a fool I know, I don’t make no bones
Even without hope I believe in love
Nobody knows how it is for the setting sun
I know one of these days we’ll sigh in love

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