Send a friend or loved one
A Musical Video Message
from Michael Tomlinson
for Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.

For this Mother's Day I’ll create a lovely video greeting for your mom, grandma, sis, wife or whomever you think might enjoy a special musical message sung and spoken especially for them. On cameral, I’ll sing a verse or chorus of one of my beautiful songs and say something kind and grateful to her, with genuine warmth and sweetness, then finish the video singing another verse or chorus. These are usually a minute and a-half or two minutes long. I did several of these for Valentine’s Day this year and I heard from several that their recipient was really surprised and happy that something so special had been created for them.

After you purchase the greeting, I will email you for details so we can make it more personal. (“Dear Margie, your darling son Roger Wilco III wanted me to let you know how much he loves you . . . “) I’ll guide you if you need help. I can relate your message and also offer a few words of my own. We will want to do that in a natural and simple way so it feels warm and appropriate. I’ve done several of these over time and each one I do is unique to the moment and the person. They are something sweet and imaginative that the recipient may keep forever, a musical Valentines or Birthday or Anniversary card that is really vital and dynamic. I hope you’ll have me do one for Mother’s Day this year.
      ~Michael Tomlinson
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