Personal Holiday Gifts
from Michael Tomlinson
Buy 3 or more CDs and I'll give you and extra one for free
That’s right, kids. Here is what you do: click on the 3 or more CDs you’re buying. Then in the Comments Box, name an additional title and I’ll include it. I’ll sign them all so you’ll be able to give them to friends for Christmas.  Order Here
Receive my Guided Meditation mp3 as a bonus when you buy a CD
Guided meditations have made a big, beautiful difference in bringing more peace into my life. I began making shorter ones for friends, hoping to help them release stress and enjoy deeper and easier sleep. Their responses have been so positive that I began offering individual 10 minute meditation mp3s at my concerts as a bonus if someone buys a CD.  Several people have let me know they are using them regularly and feeling much calmer. You may choose one for any CD you purchase.
Titles are:

Peaceful Breaths Meditation ~ for easing your stress and tension and feeling kinder thoughts.
Restful Sleep Meditation ~ for easing into a light nap or a deep night’s sleep.
When you order a CD, just mention in the Comments Box which meditation you prefer and I’ll email that to you separately.  Order Here
Send a Friend a Video Holiday Greeting Card from MT
For $100 I’ll make a short video Christmas or Hanukah card for you. In other words, I’ll video myself saying Happy Christmas, Portnoy! or Happy Hanukah, Julio! (insert which Holiday and name of your choice) I’ll introduce myself and say a few words in a merry way and wish your loved one a very loving Season. Then I will either email it to you, so that you can forward it to them on Christmas, or if you prefer, you may email me the day before you’d like me to send it to them and I’ll do that for you. That’s right kids, a hundred Smackeroos gets you a Holiday Video Card from me!
$100  Buy Here



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