ALL OF US WERE BORN CREATING. When you first crawled, when you first made sounds, and then when you drew shapes on your plate through spaghetti sauce with your fingers. That’s right, already you were a masterful creator. Who did not run a garden hose upon the ground and watch the worlds it created with the channels it carved into soil? Who didn’t focus on that microscopic world and see jungles made of shoots of grass and leafs of clover? We could shrink down to nearly the size of molecules and live inside that world in an instant. We played there, we became characters and spoke to our friends as if they really were the colorful beings we encountered in our tiny adventures. This workshop is to spark what we came here with, the urge to create. The joy of watching colors and shapes and sounds and textures reveal themselves to us in the most delightful ways. 
So many decades later, unfathomably distant from those precious beginnings, we are truly those same creative beings. With our gifts and skills and talents revealed, practiced and sometimes hard-won, we sometimes have forgotten the spark of why. Why do we create? We sit in silence and wonder, “what should I make/paint/sing/build? You could name a thousand reasons why we create and they might all be true. But none of them would be more true than this; We Are Creators. We were born Co-creators with the Source and Love of Life which sparked our very existence. And here is something you may not have often thought about; Our creativity is NEEDED NOW. The trust, the wonder, the love and imagination within us is needed all over the world because it is intrinsically a part of human beings evolving and surviving and becoming more conscious. 
Now maybe as you read this you are thinking, “Whoa! This sounds like a pretty heavy workshop!” But no. We’re going to laugh. A lot. We’re going to marvel at what comes up in sharing. We’re going to close our eyes and listen to music. We’re going to breathe. . . and then create. In small segments we will practice the phenomenon of letting go and creating without judgment. And my experience tells me that we are going to be surprised at what is within us, ready to be freed. 
This is a workshop for everybody, at all levels of creativity. Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a musician, a neighbor, a mother, a father, an actor, retired, bored to death, this is for you. There is nothing competitive in this workshop. It’s a group of people who, even if you are already very creative — will find yourself inspired to leap beyond what you thought was your genre, your limits, your experience. And all of this will take place as you all join me in my colorful living room, where we can talk and laugh, I will sing to you and we will create. I look very much forward to spending this time with you.
          ~Michael Tomlinson
Creating the Dreams Inside You
On Zoom
Sat March 18, 2023 @ 11-4pm Pacific
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