Michael Tomlinson's
Meditation Gathering
"Raising Your Awareness"
Saturday, March 14, 2020, 11am - 5pm
Mill Creek/Greater Seattle Area
THIS IS A CONTINUATION IN MY SERIES OF GATHERINGS meant to bring us more confidently and regularly into the practice of meditation. People at every level are invited — and you’ll feel comfortable and safe. That is a hallmark of my gatherings, no one is ever put on the spot. I invite you with the intention of every person feeling welcome, happy, inspired and at ease. There are always people there who have never meditated — or who’ve had very little experience meditating — and people who've practiced and even taught meditation. We all benefit from the practice and from spending part of the day meditating together. While we’ll talk a-plenty, we’ll also do more actual meditating together than I normally do. Also, every person who attends will receive a short guided meditation I've created, to listen to at home.

I have had so many beautiful experiences, meaningful coincidences and insightful shifts in my own life since I began making meditation a frequent part of my life and I want to share them. I have also felt my creativity blossom in ways that continually surprise me. The more I meditate, the more I have come to realize that this is a gift offered to all of humanity. There are not people who can meditate and people who cannot meditate. There are only people who do or don't meditate. The practice I speak of goes deeper than taking a lovely walk in Nature. As valuable and beautiful as that is, you go much deeper when you actually make a practice of pausing to meditate and follow your awareness. I will show you how I do it.

I will play some songs to set us in motion and to prompt conversation. There is always laughter and friendliness throughout. And from long experience I can tell you that you are going to enjoy the folks who attend. In fact, for many it's the unexpected friendships and wonderful conversations that make the day most memorable.

We will do some meditations together, pause for lunch, and do some more. Whomever wishes, may share any aspects or questions about the experience. This is always free form, meant to serve what we need, not made to fit a rigid plan made in advance. We’ll visit and enjoy refreshments and step outside for fresh air and just to enjoy talking. At last year's Meditation Gathering, many people told me they were surprised by the revelations and new understandings of meditation they felt they had gained. It’s always that way, we meet in good will, we just let it all unfold, and always there are things said and conversations struck that make you realize why you came. I’ll share stories of how meditation works in my life and tell you of events, meaningful coincidences and extraordinary experiences I've had through the years because of meditation.

These are always friendly and easy going events. You may talk if you wish or just listen if that is what you feel like that day. There are always people who choose either. Everything we'll do is meant to welcome you and bring you a feeling of calmness and good will and kindness. I hope you'll be moved to join us. My last one sold out and I have a feeling this one will be full too. I'm really looking forward to it.

Location is a lovely private clubhouse setting in Mill Creek in a private residential area, with safe, free parking, about a 25 min drive from downtown Seattle.

NOTE: I now offer personal Mentoring Meditation, where I work one on one by phone and email to help you find your way into a meditation practice that you will want to stay with.
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