Maria's Children
Paintings by Russian Orphans

Mariaís Children - The lives and paintings of some very special Russian Orphans. I recently did a benefit concert for these incredible kids. They were visiting the US with Maria, their mentor and teacher and advocate. In Russia, there are many thousands of orphans and any aid they may receive, which is very little, is most often siphoned off by corrupt officials. My friend Jeff LaBow went there to visit these children, fell in love with them and their incredibly courageous spirit. He befriended Maria, who began an art school for the kids. She guided them to painting beautiful large murals which are some of the most whimsical, inspiring paintings Iíve ever seen. They have transferred many of these images onto beautiful greeting cards which are bought and sent around the world.  

These children have been long abandoned and neglected and still show amazing signs of love, hope and creativity. In 1993, Maria Eleseeva, a mother and art teacher, began to work with some of these children. She developed an art curriculum and started.  This contact has changed the children's lives dramatically. They have discovered talents within themselves and each other and above all, they have discovered hope.  

Maria's Children International was founded to continue this work and to keep the children's hope alive. The organization is dedicated to the creation of a safe, alternative orphanage and fine arts learning center in Moscow. The calendar is a collection of twelve of their fine murals, finely photographed and printed in perfect detail and color. I've bought several for friends and I hope you'll order some for yourself and loved ones. This is one project where I know for certain that the funds raised will go directly to the benefit of these children.

  • The greeting cards run $15 for a set of 8.  

  • The Calendars are $15 each and wholesale prices are available if you would like to carry these in your place of business. 

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