It's not mine to give away It's not a vow that I can say
What you ask of me is not likely
To be you hope it is

But I know what you mean
And I think I understand
When the world starts shaking
Your heart fears breaking
And you need a helping hand

Hey, Hey I've been right where you stand
Hey, Hey and I'm offering a helping hand

Over and over we go to love and we
Savor that taste like it wont stay
Who do we love if not each other
We know by now there’s no other way

Oh we love as we live
Can we try to just forgive
All the hurt run through us
The pain done to us
Has brought us all to this
And there's more I can see
Guess it all depends on me
Can I free my heart and let go this dark
And be healed eventually

All over this world
We're really very much the same
As I live and breath
I see the patterns form again

©Michael Tomlinson

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