Living Things  

Long ago I hated cities
Didn't want to live in one
All dreams they headed North
Where Colorado waters run
I was young thought all I needed
Were virgin mountains wild ground
And while I still believe in those things
I also need my friends around

We've begun to notice lately
What we've done to this old Earth
She making storms, I think she's saying
Can't you see I'm really hurt
I don't know just how to change it
Holy Father, hear my prayer
We see our Mother worn and weak
And we're all left abandoned here

We need to rediscover passion
So we can feel this world again
Oh deep denial you're the dragon
And we're the fragile living things
We're the fragile living things

I no longer see the city
As just a place to get out of
With all the lost and lonely people
We're here to show each other love

We can't do it scared and scattered
Hidden on some mountain top
Thought we've all been torn and tattered
I hope we're far from giving up

And what we're seeing sometimes hurts us
All the anger, fear and pain
They're only rising to the surface
To be replaced with love again
With love again

All the world is now a city
Though overgrown, it's our hometown
Tender planet bearing many
Let's throw our useless weapons down

We can watch animals living
No longer need to shed their blood
Fertile grains and fruits we're given
Release the beasts they gave enough

And we'll recall what we've forgotten
From long ago the world is good
And now at last the trance is broken
And we'll explore our human hood
We'll become our human hood

©Michael Tomlinson

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