Spring/Summer 2022

Howdy my friends,

Well, here’s how it’s been around here in the NW. Six weeks ago I reveled in riding my bike in shorts, a shirt, no hat, gloves, jacket or long britches. I even wrote about it on basefook, so happy was I to announce it. That was around early March. Today, at the end of April was my 2nd ride like that. Yep, in between those two glorious warm days December came again. Hail and sleet, cold, cold rain, the likes of which they used to write about in Scottish novels. “Oh it were a turrbul, bidder col-col rainggg. An’ it flew ta tha sideways laka towsin frodzen arrews!” Clearly, I know nothing about a Scottish accent, but that was immense fun trying.

                   Spring in the Northwest
Anyway, today was my second day of the year it was warm enough to ride my bike without long britches and ear muffins, so hey! Let’s celebrate.

I hope you have made it through this strange two years with some insights and perspectives that are making your life better. I consider myself lucky to be able to do that. If we did not take something from the two years of the entire world going through a crisis — and learn from it, leave behind some of what we no longer need in our lives, then I’m not sure what it would take to bring about change in us.

Shortly after the shutdown of 2020, I had a strong feeling that something I do was going to rise up in a bigger way. That next week I scheduled my first Zoom class. I created something that would allow me to share the practices which have made my life so much richer, calmer and more beautiful these last 8 years. I created an online class called “Breathing Into Your Life.” And now, almost two years later, I still host four classes a month where we visit, we laugh, we breathe together, we share some thoughts and experiences, I sing a song or two and we all do a 20 minute mediation to one of the musical spoken word meditations from my collection, Breathe the Sky. It has been a tremendous comfort and inspiration to many of us.

Those small classes, helped me to gradually get better and better musical sound. To the point where it’s almost studio quality. And the folks who attended kept asking me to perform a concert. Finally, they convinced me and I did two that fall and early winter. Then two more the next spring. My most well attended of all my concerts was when I performed every song on my first album, Run This Way Forever. Wow, were people happy about that. It was a great crowd and so much fun. I told stories of those early times, some of my friends from those days were in attendance and the stories and laughter just flowed. And as I promised, I sang all the songs from the album.

I continued doing more concerts last fall. And now I’m about to perform my last concert until next autumn. This time my concert will draw from two albums. Songs and stories from Still Believe and Face Up in the Rain. I’m excited to be relearning many of the songs and looking forward to the stories that I know will have us laughing together that night.

The biggest surprise about my concerts and classes online is how very intimate and satisfying they are. I don’t think I’ve ever had a concert live on stage that has been any more intimate than these where I am in my living room, inviting you into the room with me. Now that I’m used to it, you’d have a hard time finding any real difference in my in-person concerts and these where we look like we’re about three feet from each other.

Also, this coming summer I’m going to host the second annual versions of two one-day workshops from last summer. Writing the Wonders of Your Life is the umbrella under which my workshops are created. One is Creative Writing. The other is Creative Songwriting — Focus on Lyrics. Each was a one day workshop that was wonderfully successful. I’ll post word of these soon for this coming summer’s series.

Thank you for checking in on me. My life is good and I feel so fortunate to be creating almost daily. I swear the world would be so much happier if we each would remember that we all are creators. You don’t have to make a living with your gifts to love them. Explore them often and immerse yourself in the joy of creating again. If you’re not doing it already, I hope you’ll dive into whatever wants to be born or created through you. There is nothing that feels more natural and healing and purposeful than this.

My hope is that you might join one of our breathing/meditation classes. You would feel right at home. No one is ever put on the spot. There is no failing, there is no testing. There is no sense of having to do or be anything but who you are. And there is a lot of love and hope and understanding of ways you can use these new tools to make everything in your life better. After my Breathe the Sky collection came out, a man wrote me this; “Michael, what you’ve done is to make it impossible to fail at meditating.”

I hadn’t realized that, but I knew he was right. Because everything I share, I share in a way that honors YOUR way. Your interpretation.

I hope this spring and summer come alive in you in new ways. Ways that surprise you, ways that remind you for how much you loved seasons as a child. That is what I wish for you. Your friend
 ~Michael Tomlinson

To read about my upcoming concerts, workshop, meditation classes, you may always visit this website. And feel friend to email me any time at mt@michaeltomlinson.com

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