Light of Love

There's an ocean out my window, oh the sound of restless waves
I could breathe this air forever 'cause I feel you in this place
Never thought I'd live alone by the time I was thirty-three
Guess I was wrong but that ain't a new thing to me
I'd rather be right just like anybody else
But I still have to live with myself

Well you know I'd rather be lost in love instead of found
You can see I've followed love all around
There's something in me that can never get enough
It's a funny kind of thing, first I'm down then I'm up
I wish somebody could explain the light of love

The light of love is somewhere waiting
Lose the breath you're saving
Feel like celebrating for love
I should have known the world was saying
Raise your head its raining
Some day boy, you'll see there's enough

This is some kind of day, I thought it was summer in July
But so much rain, it's like a cold winter sky
I'd love it this way if I wasn't here alone
Have another glass of wine and let her go

I'm alone ooh, I'm lonely as I hear the seabirds call
Seven islands sail before me, I guess I'm not alone at all

©Michael Tomlinson

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