Run With Me

Don't need boundaries, invisible lines
Don't need nobody saying stay on your side
The only lines that we ever will need
All over our faces as we grow old gracefully, yeah

I have a vision of a memory dream
Laugh when you're happy, when you're angry you scream
There isn't time to do anything less
Than live for this minute so your heart doesn't know emptiness

You run with me and I'll run with you
I'm tired of living like there's nothing to do
You run with me and I'll run away with you
This ain't a dream, no this is true
Living life's passion is thrilling and new
You run with me and I'll run away with you

I see a window and I want to crawl through
We get in anyway no matter what we do
You silly girl don't you want to come too?
We're lucky together oh I just want to run, me and you

Oh this magic feeling, letting go, leaving
Whatever reason, I've got hope
I never knew it, now I know freedom
I had it all the time
Freedom's just a state of mind

I'll run away with you, will you run with me?

©Michael Tomlinson

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