Let Us Dream

Every couple days I recall what you mean to me
Close my eyes and I do float away
Friends like you don't fade with time
We just change the way we will and love each other still
And share the things that only time will tell

Every couple days I yearn for the sun to shine
Lay on that grass with my head on the ground
Days like these they ease my mind
Let us just remain at peace and lie here in this place
And dream of all the roads that we could take

Every rain cloud isn't there just to fall
There are mountains unlike mountains at all
And our friendship well it's much more than it seems
Let us take it and let us dream

It's been a couple years, now I don't get to see you often
Feel your wind and I know you're around
So much love has saved my heart
I love you every way, it's good to watch you change
There's some of every season in your ways

Oh, and no amount of time, no distance down the line
Could ever take away the love that's in your eyes
Or the gentle way you always look at mine

We are every rain cloud, over every mountain
We are every season and we have every reason
Let us dream

©Michael Tomlinson

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