Write Me a Letter  

Today I saw someone from behind, I thought of you
My heart beat uneven when I recalled the time we knew
You would have been laughing if you had seen me stand and stare
I wonder what happened to all the dreams we thought wed do
I know weve changed but I still miss you

     Sit down and write me a letter, tell me whats going on
     If youll do it, I know youll feel much better
     Knowing Im not so alone
    Dont stay incommunicado, give it another whirl
     I wish youd open your window just a little
     Send your breeze around the world

Sometimes I start thinking, oh, then I remember when
We all were just children blowing dandelions in summer wind
No matter how long its been since I have seen your face
I still smell the summer hay
And the backyard fire we lit that day

We took off running in several ways
They told your grandma, we got found out
I miss having someone to laugh with about it
Good friends, old souls, we were planted long ago
Deep roots, long limbs for waving in the howling wind
Ill always think of you in a kind and gentle way
Were not yet through with all the things we thought wed do
I know weve changed but I still miss you

Michael Tomlinson

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