Here Without You
The day is late summer
Iím paddling out across the water
Feeling like I got a whole world of time
I must have woke up grinning
I had a sweet dream and you were in it
Someday Iím gonna tell you what you had on

Before I could get landed
The tide washed out and left me stranded
I had to slog to shore in the mud
Everybody was laughing 
ĎCause I was stuck and sinking fast
A lot like a man falling in love

Out here the sky falls away in a silvery haze
To an ocean of columbine blue
I could walk on the hillsides or swim in this sea
Doesnít matter whatever I do, here without you

Summer goes by so quickly,
I never knew it but evidently
We scooted right on through to the fall
But me, Iím still thinking
above the clouds thereís gotta be 
A sun about to shine through on us all

And youíre in that city 
Sending little sweet messages to me
At least thatís what I dream
Fool that I may be
Iím laying here on the rainy ground
Seeing your face in every cloud

© Michael Tomlinson

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