I hear the sounds of the crows on the roof top
I pull the cover up over my head
Itís winter still but I need spring
And I donít want to get out of bed
Whoís gonna get up and turn the heater on?
Whoís gonna plug in the phone?
Everybody just leaves it to me
Oh, I guess Ďcause I live hear alone

All day long I stared at this computer
I keep believing Iíll write that book
Trouble is, I get so far
I start thinking I am not any good
How to stop the second guess
How to still dissenting voices
Long enough to get me strong
So that I can see that I still have my choices

Whoever said we were born to lose
I donít think he really knew
If we can make a habit, we can break it
Itís what weíve got to do
I donít believe that we are bound to fail
Simply Ďcause we usually do
Open your heart and set it like a sail
And find a world thatís true
A sound so clear like a clarion call
Through the wall of fear
Where we lived so long

Had to make my break with LA
Another record deal was too much strife
My career just flew away
What a shame but I got my life back
How to stop the fear and doubt
How to still the taunting voices
Long enough to get us strong
So we can see that we still have our choices

Easy now to see the things I wish Iíd done
Clearer in the distance than they were back than
I could wonder all my life what might have been
If I knew what I know, Iíd gently let it go
But I had to live and learn, Oh

© Michael Tomlinson

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