All These Sounds

If I could not see but I still could hear the noise
All these sounds would be my world
I could finally hear, deep in every human voice
All the sadness and the joy

Someday we’ll all see
How we came to believe
To see ourselves as unworthy
Fallen angels of mercy

Counting down the days to the very end of time
So much speculation when
What if we would start
To reveal and feel the heart
All the madness could now end
Someday we’ll all know what we did to get us so
Lost and sad, spinning around
God did not ever let us down

We must hold the light
And still embrace the yawning dark
New trust in the human heart

Everything we are is now rising up to sing
We mistake it and we scream
All this that is dark is just where we yearn to see
All the memories start to stream

© Michael Tomlinson

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