Send a friend or loved one
A Custom Musical Video
from Michael Tomlinson
Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, etc

For holidays and special celebrations, I can create a lovely video greeting for your mom, dad, sweetheart, friend or whomever you think might enjoy a special musical message sung and spoken especially for them. On camera, I’ll sing one of my beautiful songs and say something kind and grateful to him/her, with genuine warmth and sweetness. Then I’ll say a few words to make it personal. You’ll have already told me a few things, like whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc. I did several of these for holidays and birthdays and anniversaries last year and everyone who bought one raved that their loved one was astonished to receive such a personal gift especially created for them.

After you purchase the greeting, I will email you for details so we can make it more personal. (“Dear Li’l Margie, your darling son Roger Wilco III wanted me to let you know how much he loves you . . . “) I’ll guide you if you need help. I can relate your message and also offer a few words of my own. We will want to do that in a natural and simple way so it feels warm and appropriate. I’ve done several of these over time and each one I do is unique to the moment and the person. They are something sweet and imaginative that the recipient may keep forever, a musical Valentines or Birthday or Anniversary card that is really vital and dynamic.

I can do short ones, with a verse or so and greeting, so that they can be emailed. Or I can do the whole song and post it on a private Youtube channel so you can go to view it any time you like. You can even download it and burn it to DVD if you like.

Just purchase your video here on my website, then leave me a note in the “comments” box. All of my songs do not work well in this format, solo-acoustic, so have three or four songs of mine in mind, and I’ll be more likely to be able to play one of them in a way that will be pleasing in video. I’ll get back to you after I receive your order and we’ll come up with something really special.  
~Michael Tomlinson

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