Breathe In Again    

Come over here and lay your body down
I want to show you the sky from the grassy ground
And when I feel your tender skin
Oh how it is to sigh again
Come over here and lay your burden down

Funny thing the way my mood can change
When you come over the wall I carefully made
You'd never think a part of me
Was so afraid of human need
Come over here and help me over this thing

You know I really love you
But I didn't want to let you in
'Cause I feel so much when I open up
And I didn't want to hurt again
I need you to hear this
So you'll know me for who I am
When I wake up and I feel my heart
I remember what loving is
I am older and I'm late to start
But I know there's love that I almost missed

There's a heavy cloud off over that hill
If we'll lay right here so perfectly still
It may decide to pass us by
And lose the rain on the other side
Who would ever know we're living up here

It always seemed when love came to me
Rarely would I let it in
I had a lot of doubt run through me
Everytime it all began
Say a prayer for a foolish man
But now I know what to do
Just breathe in again

©Michael Tomlinson


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