River Alive

They say in Louisiana
You can sink into the sand
So they try to keep the water
Diverted from the land
When you go to hold a river
And it won't be held
It's the nature of a river
To flow where it falls and it will

Now I've got these emotions
That I've never ever felt
The gate I didn't open
I guess I wasn't ready yet
Now I feel like that river
The levee's gonna go
Can't hold it back forever
I'm swollen, the river must flow

I no longer need what I thought I did
I no longer need a wall around me
My waters run deep
The current is filled
With life overflowing
Who knows where we're going
Here on this river alive

I've always loved the water
Oh the gently falling rain
Such a natural reminder
We're forgiven once again
And I cry like a baby
As it falls on my face
It's for rain that I'm praying
To fall on the whole human race

©Michael Tomlinson


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