Beating of My Heart    

Found my way out to the river
Well, you know
Where we used to lay around
How can life turn out so different
Than you thought

You never do really know
The kind of dream you want to hold onto
And what you want to leave behind you

I see most everything so different
Than I once did
I wonder who I really was
I guess it's just a part of living
In the world

How do you learn the follow love
And still hold dear to what you let go of
Oh, breathe it in and let it out again

Out here I fell out of time
Got lost in the skin I thought was mine
Now I am the seed again
Aloft on the reckless wind

I thought my eyes could pierce
The mysterious veil
Thought my ears would hear
Every little detail
But then I found the truth
And it all fell apart
So I could feel the beating of my heart

Now I try to remember ah, those old days
Just a whisper of a place
Sometimes it's nothing more than roses in the sun
Calling me back to the wild
Oh, if I could only feel it like a playful child
I have always had this dream inside of me

Maybe there is a lesson
A reason why we have these dreams
For all we know
There are memories inside us
To wake and remind us what we already know

©Michael Tomlinson


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